Wow!!! Cool and Amazing Amigurumi Pattern Design ideas 2021

Yes, the first question is what amigurumi is. The name amigurumi is given to the art where small toys are made with yarns. How to make amigurumi? Among the most frequently asked questions is how to make. Details are given for the amigurumi models you want to make.

There are many models to choose from. You can choose from these models for games that your children can play easily. You can make different toys like crocodile models, teddy bear and baby models, car models.

Use crochet;
We recommend using crochet for making Amigurumi models. You ask why? Because these models are much easier to crochet. You can be successful in making amigurumi easily by combining your chains. It is important that your yarn is selected according to the crochet you will use. If you look at the examples, you’ll be able to see more easily how to complete the stages through videos.

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