Lovely Grey kitchen cabinets Design ideas for Cool Homes

Grey as a neutral colour is a great way to bring colour into the kitchen in a subtle way, working with many styles and materials. It will pair with almost anything, contrasts beautifully with a darker shade, and makes a great canvas for other colours. Although regarded as a relaxed neutral, it can also add touches of excitement and drama to your kitchen. One of the surprising effects of grey, which we often think of as exclusively a cool colour, is how it can actually warm up a space, especially with greys that have a hint of brown.

Choosing the right grey shade is tricky, as it really depends on the effect you are after for your kitchen. As noted, warmer greys (with hints of brown) tend to be more traditional, while cooler greys are more contemporary. There are so many different greys to choose from with so many different undertones—rather than just choose one shade, designers recommend selecting a suite of three or four greys and working from that palette so that everything remains harmonious.

With a grey kitchen, you will be on-trend and your kitchen will be looking gorgeous for years to come – so let’s take a look at what your kitchen could look like!

The reason grey cabinetry has been coming into vogue is that grey is such a fantastic all-purpose colour, instantly conveying utility and chic. Here, dove grey countertops go beautifully with the powder grey kitchen walls and dove grey cabinets. I think this is stunning and simplicity at it’s greatest.

One of the most popular trends in kitchen design these days is a gray kitchen. These grey kitchen ideas below share a common feature. They’re versatile options that can look modern or classic, contemporary or traditional. Below are some important considerations to assist you in determining whether this new hot look is right for you. Photos of grey kitchens filled with decor ideas and special designs you will most likely love. Check out for more.

Is a gray kitchen the one you’ve been looking for?
For people who are searching for ways to renew their kitchen, it is a tough decision. The alternatives are so many, that anyone could be overwhelmed. Even the most experienced ones and those who love decoration. To help you tackle this, we have some amazing grey kitchen ideas for you. There are many suggestions of a gray kitchen out there, but are they all good? Probably not.

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