Classic and modern wood dresser design ideas for Bedroom

Dressers may seem one of the most utilitarian furniture; something of great value and everyday use, but nevertheless overlooked when it comes to designing an attractive look for your home. The truth is that a new chest of drawers can be just as extraordinary an element as any other much more evident piece of furniture.

We are here to split the options and order the wide range of chest of drawers options for anyone who wants to buy a new model for their home. In addition to the following, you can also view chests of drawers for less than $ 200, reused drawers and alternatives to drawers.

Let’s start with the design, the most important aspect of each chest of drawers. This informs the form, function and general appearance and will be the first consideration. Next, we’ll look at the handful of different building materials for your new dresser. Finally, let’s go through a selection of styles with which your new furniture will be finished. This determines exactly how a new dresser can adapt to your home and lifestyle.

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