Cartoon Drawing! : How to Draw a Cartoon Correctly for 2019

Children are the main audience in terms of cartoons. A good draftsman is someone who can recognize the most important details of an object or a person and simplify the forms so that a child can recognize what is important. Studied the child’s perception that magicians like Walt Disney, Hannah & Barbera, Chuck Jones, Jim Henson, Walter Lantz and many others have enchanted the world with their magical and eternal characters.

My job here is to teach you the correct way to build this puzzle and learn to build a character from the techniques presented. I guarantee you will be surprised how easy it is to create a comic expression that kids (and adults) will love!

See the hundreds of Envato Elements character designs. Or try an abbreviation for a character creation kit!

Humans have a very interesting property: we can put the details that make up a structure or an object in a very complex way into very simple and simple things. In this way we can represent every kind of things by some curves and geometric shapes.

Unlike artists, most people can not remember all the details that make up a car, a dog or even a child. They begin to combine very basic and primitive forms with the specific properties of each object. Like many children 4, 5 or 6 years old, they came from school with a drawing of two circles and toothpicks on a piece of paper and said: “It’s mom and dad!”?

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