Awesome Charcoal Drawing Techniques – How to Draw with Charcoal for 2019

Technically, charcoal is an organic substance that is burned. Usually the material is wood. There are some types of charcoal artists use to create a design. These types of coal include “vine” and “compressed”.

Vine charcoal is usually burned willow wood. Vine coats easily on a surface and is very easy to extinguish. So when you draw, it is usually clearer than the compressed charcoal and gets slightly dirty. (What can be an advantage.)

The compressed charcoal is held by a gum-based binder and is darker than grape charcoal. This makes it harder to extinguish, more difficult to dye, but leaves a darker mark. The compressed charcoal may be in the form of a round bar, a square pin or a pencil. (Grapevine is almost always a round stick.) Some compressed charcoal is pigmented. This is the case of compressed white charcoal.

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