Cool and Cute Amigurumi Pattern Crochet Designs

Blue Plush Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Want to knit a very cute blue bunny? You’ve come to the right address. Dear friends. Today I’m going to share a very cute bunny pattern. She is quite cute and has a beautiful flawless appearance. I especially liked the color. Of course you can knit the amigurumi your child likes using a different yarn.

Designer: my_knitted_toys

Tools and materials:
Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn – approx. 160 gr.
Acrylic / semi-cotton yarn – approx. 3 gr.
Hooks: 2mm and 3.5mm.
Eyes 16-18 mm.
Needles, scissors.
Sewing and pulling thread.
Decorating ribbons.

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Christmas Reindeer Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

There is still plenty of time for Christmas as I write this article. But I like this amigurumi reindeer pattern so much that I want to share it. First of all, the black little dots on the white color really give a very realistic look. The same spots are also found on the red thread. She is quite a cute character. I think the beautiful and impressive part of this amigurumi pattern is the nose. It has a very large and effective design. When you finish knitting the toy, you will have very large amigurumi. The finished size is about 20 cm.

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Mamavonok Doll Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hi guys. Today we share amazing amigurumi doll pattern and very easy. Using these materials, the toy is 27 cm in size.
Designer: Волкова Наталия
Instagram: @natasha_toys

1. Papatya Cotton Touch 0120 (100g / 300m) – body color (you can use any other half-cotton)
2. Himalaya Dolfin Baby 316 – orange, less than half a skein
3. Eyes on a 16mm secure grip
4. Black and dark orange face embroidery thread
5. Hook No. 2 and No. 4
6. Needle with a big eye
7. Filler

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Little Winnie Teddy Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello dear friends. Today I am with you with a very cute and different recipe for a teddy bear. The colors of the dress and the teddy bear are very similar to Winnie. However, its design is quite original.

Designer: @natasha_toys

1.YarnArt Jeans 35, main color, slightly smaller than a skein
2. Alize Cotton Gold 56-red, only a bit for a blouse
3. Black thread for embroidery of eyebrows and a smile
4. Hook number 2
5. Black eyes on the 10mm safety handle
6. 7mm x 9mm bonding spout
7. Two buttons 9-10 mm
8. Filler
9. Adhesive
10. Needle for sewing parts together

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Big Koala Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

A pretty cute koala amigurumi pattern. It’s really nice to share these kinds of free recipes. Thank you to the designer.

Koala bear knitting workshop.
Author: Natalia Vavilova.
The height of the finished toy is 20 cm.

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Grey Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Hello my dear friends.
Today is a good day and I want to present you a beautiful amigurumi pattern. Bungün I will share a very cute teddy bear pattern with great design. She has a very nice expression on her face. In addition, her feet and face are knitted in great detail. I hope you will like it. The toys are ready in the size of 30 cm.


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Mia Cow Amigurumi free crochet pattern

1. Yarnart Jeans yarn (pink # 36, beige # 05, brown # 71, white and black).
2. Black thread or iris yarn.
3. Holofiber
4. Hook 1.5
5. English needles
6. Needle for sewing parts together

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Caramel fox amigurumi crochet free pattern

Hello friends. Today I am going to share a very cute recipe for amigurumi fox girl. This cute amigurumi fox has a cute bow tie.
Designer: @vavilova_toys

Necessary materials:
-Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn
(red, orange, brown, beige or white);
– hook 4-4.5 mm;
– 10mm safety eyelets;
– white felt;
– 10-15mm spout;
– black threads (for the design of the muzzle);
– toy filler;
– needle for sewing on details.

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Awesome Bunny Mia Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello friends. Today I will be sharing an awesome amigurumi bunny pattern. The name of this adorable bunny amigurumi is Mia. It’s a really cool pattern along with her dress. I hope you will like it.

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