56+ New Design and Awesome Crochet Cardigan Pattern Ideas

Cardigans are the perfect layered clothing. They are easy to push and can be used on almost anything to get the final look. They keep you warm and comfortable without requiring a jacket; or they can be worn under the jacket on cold days of the year. Crochet cardigans are of course particularly comfortable. They are also surprisingly easy to make due to the simplicity of their design. Crochet cardigans make great gifts for women of all ages; they are special and personal. Or if you don’t want to make them gifts, you can use these crochet cardigan patterns to create your own wardrobe accessories!

This is a great crochet cardigan with long sleeves and pockets. It comes in black and white so you don’t have to worry about changing colors, and much of the structure is seamless. This fine wrapper is written in six different sizes consisting of detailed measurements. This free crochet cardigan is part of the African Expressions Adore Pattern Collection.

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