Cool anad New Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Ideas

Easy bunny amigurumi crochet pattern for beginners

Dear seamstresses! How are you today. This amigurumi bunny pattern is easy for beginners Today we are going to knit an amazing amigurumi doll. It’s easy. Let’s do it.
Designer: momigurum_i

You will need:

Fibra Natura Papyrus yarn in gray (229-21);
Some pink nose yarn and some black yarn for eyes; џ Your favorite size 2.0 hook;
Knitting needle for sewing on eyebrows and sewing on details;
џ Any filler to your taste (I use holofiber or synthetic down which is available =);
Marker for marking loops (ideally!), If there is none – not scary, you can mark the end of the row with a thread of a contrasting color;
Inspiration and a few cups of hot coffee or cocoa to choose from =)

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Sunflower Girl Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Dear friends. Today I am going to share a very cute amigurumi doll design. This amigurumi doll will accompany a very cute sunflower.
Designer: @teplonasya

Tools and materials:
– yarn for overalls – denim yarn No. 29 (pig iron);
– leather yarn – jeans yarn No. 87 (beige);
-hair – denim yarn No. 70 (brown);
– yarn on the cheeks – yarnart jeans No. 74 (pink);
– yarn for sunflower – No. 70 and No. 35;
– 2.0 mm hook;
– filler – holofiber;
-scissors, sewing needle;
– 8mm eyes.

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Red Hair Girl Amigurumi doll free crochet pattern

Friends, today I am going to share a very cute amigurumi doll for a girl. First of all, thank you very much toys.sanka.m for this beautiful project. Really cute and very detailed amigurumi doll pattern. If you are a beginner, I don’t recommend it highly enough. Quite a lot of knitting techniques are used. I wish you all the best.

instagram: @ toys.sanka.m

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Mouse Flora Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Dear friends. I am trying to connect you with different amigurumi patterns. I have to say I have worked really hard for this. Today I am sharing with you the amazing amigurumi pattern of a mouse. First of all, thank you very much to the designer. I will leave a link below, you can contact him. I can say without hesitation that this is one of my favorite amigurumi mice models. The toy has perfect dimensions. I really enjoyed it.

Designer: cloudberry_crafts

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Cute doll amigurumi free pattern for beginner

For a long time I could not share amigurumi dolls. I don’t think it is as preferred as it was before. Therefore, amigurumi designers do not create too many doll designs. and doesn’t ship it to us. Today I am sharing with you the amigurumi doll pattern that I came across by accident. I think it will be a very good example for beginners. Good luck to everyone.
Designer: @ baby_toys_93

Necessary materials:
1) Yarp DG Jeans
2) filler
3) hook, I have 2.10
4) eyelets on a safety fitting 10 mm 5
5) scissors
6) sewing needle
The height of the finished toy is about 30 cm

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Cat with heart amigurumi crochet free pattern

Hello dear friends.
Recently, amigurumi cat patterns have become quite common. Many amigurumi patterns look similar. Therefore, I am sharing a brand new amigurumi kitten pattern. Thanks a lot to designer alio_toys for this amazing cat design. The pattern on the cat’s paws is a really great design. It’s really cool that it is created with different colors on the ears and nose. The pattern was prepared with great effort. The pattern has been translated in accordance with English rules. If you think there is an error please let me know. Let’s continue this gorgeous amigurumi pattern.

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Bunny Martha Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, today a new one has been added to our cute bunnies. This cute girl’s name is Martha. Really cute amigurumi bunny. I tried to translate the formula as accurately as possible, if I have any deficiencies, please let me know.

Designer: Татьяна Шило

Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn in the main color 2 skeins, half a skein for the dress and
boot, a little white or milky to the muzzle (Alize Softi).
I used a 3.5mm hook.
Protective eyes 15 mm.
Safety spout 15 * 12mm.

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Green Frog Amigurumi crochet pattern for beginners

My dear friends. Today I am going to share an amigurumi pattern that is not very much preferred but still attracts enthusiasts. As you can see from the title and photos, I am sharing a very nice frog pattern. Before going into the materials used, I want to talk a bit about the amigurumi model. First of all, the design of this amiguruminin belongs to bumbee_crochet. I owe him my thanks again. Although it may seem difficult for beginners, I think you won’t get tired of it too much as it is a small model. If you want to experiment, you can start with such a simple model. The asymmetrical mistakes you make won’t stand out too much. Below is an amigurumi pattern in pdf format. Now I am sharing my materials with you.

Download Pattern


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