Awesome and Cool Crochet Bag Pattern Design Ideas

Square Pouch Crochet Pattern

Both the English and Japanese versions are fully depicted using standard knitting and / or crocheting symbols. For help with Japanese patterns in charts, visit the Japanese knitting and crocheting group.
Japanese version available here.
Tools / Materials:
Japanese Tunisian Crochet Hook Size 8 (4.5 mm)
5g Standard, color A
10 g of each Standard, colors B, C, D and E.
35g Standard, color F
1 zipper (20 cm long)
Note: when using Cotton Neat (worsted), use only 1 yarn thread. When using Cotton Neat S (DK), hold it together with 1 Standard thread (light fingering).

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Homeycomb Backpack Crochet Pattern

This nature-inspired backpack is practical and beautiful thanks to a textured stitch that looks similar to a honeycomb. The perfect accessory for springtime, this bag is 100% made cotton, with leather or fabric straps for a bit sophistication. To personalize the look of the bag, we encourage you to do so use a different type of handle, choose contrasting colors for with pompoms or decorate the bag with tassels instead.

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Le Tote Crochet Pattern

This fashionable, soft yet durable bag is a great choice for day trips – carry essentials to the beach, clever designs or groceries.

The tote bag is worked in two identical pieces front and back and then crocheted together. It begins with a round shoulder strap that is worked separately. The ribbed part is folded along the strip and the edges are crocheted together. The bodysuit is made with a double crochet hook worked between the crochets from the previous row. It is rounded at the lower ends.

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Spring Market Tote Bag Crochet Pattern

The next time you plan a trip to your local market, the beach, or anywhere really; you’re going to want to bring the Spring Market Tote Bag right along with you. This bag is an easy, beginner-friendly crochet pattern only using single crochet stitches, and sturdy because we’ll be holding multiple strands. The shades of purple and blue scream Spring but the color possibilities are endless! Choose to make your market tote with one accent color or six!

Supplies Needed:

6 skeins Lion Brand Re-Up
6mm crochet hook

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Drawstring Basket Crochet Pattern

Let’s make cleaning as easy as possible! This crochet drawstring basket pattern allows kids of all ages to put their belongings inside and then pull the drawstring to keep everything closed! I even added a handy hook to keep it all on the floor. Bright colors, playful texture and fluffy pompoms made it a popular design element in our home.

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All my patterns have been tested by several experienced testers and designers to ensure you are getting a pattern that is error-free and easy to follow.

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T-Shirt Yarn Bag Crochet Pattern

There is one thing I love and have too much. I have a serious problem saying no when it comes to acquiring, buying, or manufacturing them. No, this time I’m not talking about yarn. I’m talking about bags. Some people have too many shoes. Well, besides the yarn, I have too many bags. But I can’t get rid of them because they all have special memories attached to them. Fortunately, my “addiction” to the bag isn’t able to build up… yet!

But aside from buying new bags, I love making – sewing and crocheting – handbags myself, especially when it comes to functional bags. Well, this T-shirt yarn bag was made from recycled yarn for t-shirts called Hoooked Zgagetti, which was so easy to work with.

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