Fantastic backyard playground design and areas for your kids

Tired of dragging your kids onto the playground so they can play for a while? Think about all that unused space just sitting there, in your backyard or in front. In fact, you wouldn’t really need a lot of space to create a game for the little ones.
With a touch of creativity, a little patience and a touch of maneuverability, you can create any of these play sets out of the box with very little material and even less cost. Check! Number 27 is my favorite!

Fortunately, some of my friends had their gym sets made of metal poles that supported swings, slides and gliders. If we pumped hard enough, we could take these poles off the ground – and of course that’s how you won the swing competition.

Growing up and having my kids, I wanted them to share these same experiences.

We purchased a pressure-treated pine model playground for our own in the courtyard. I also entered into a contract to tighten and inspect it every year, and it was worth it.

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