49 Figure Drawing Ideas and Images ! Start a Figure Drawing!

One of the challenges with drawing numbers is that it is a problem-solving activity that requires a flexible approach.

Since there are not two identical drawing scenarios, we need to learn to think creatively about different solutions to solve each “drawing problem”.

When we work from life, we also face the added challenge of getting it done quickly, as we rarely have unlimited time with the model.

With practice you will learn how to generate as many solutions as possible. You will begin to identify the key elements of a pose and identify those you want to start with so that the rest of the drawing can progress effectively and smoothly.

For example, if the line of the shoulders is very prominent, you can start drawing here. There can be a dynamic movement that is essential to the gesture of the pose you begin with. Very complicated poses can be simplified by starting with an “envelope” to display the area occupied by the figure and the main angles of the pose. These are just a few examples of the possibilities.

There is usually more than one correct answer. After all, drawing figures is not just an analytical activity, but also an interpretive and intuitive activity. However, among the myriad possible correct answers, there may be a more efficient way to start a drawing that is easier to identify with the exercise.

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