46+ Cute and Cool Summer Nails Designs Images and Ideas

It’s officially here in the summer, which means the number of Insta photos representing your hands should get bigger. Now, seeing photos of your bare nails spoiling iced coffee, frostbite and ice cream cones is not really a crime against humanity, but it is a crime against passion, at least in our book of beauty.

And although the single varnishes are excellent (see our selection for the most luxurious colors to try now) when it comes to the photos, it is the design of the nails that will make you win these double cabins. So, in order to get their hands on their love story, we demolished the hottest nail paints and the most worthy of nails (selfie manicure? No, sorry?). All alone. No sweet treat is required.

Get two additional nail colors, then apply a quick-drying topcoat. Insert a nail art ribbon underneath to create a clear line for your future crescent moon. Then fill this area with the color of your choice. To create the perfect crescent moon, use stenyl sticker holes to reinforce the holes and cut them in half horizontally. Insert the tie at the bottom end of your nail, then paint it on the second color. Carefully remove the sticker while the varnish is still wet, then apply a top coat to seal the entire interior.

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