44 Stylish Manicure Ideas for 2019 Manicure: How to Do It Yourself at Home!

Get your supplies together. To get a wonderful manicure, make sure you have the necessary accessories. You may need to do a bit of work, but next time you want to paint your nails, you’re already covered. Get the following products:
Cotton balls or cotton swabs
Nagel temple
Nail cut
Cuticle or hand cream
nail polish
base layer
Configure your workspace. Nail polish and remover can damage many surfaces such as fabrics, wood surfaces and plastic. Wear a disposable T-shirt and no valuable accessories, sit down at a desk or table and protect it with rough paper (no spotty newspaper). Make sure the table itself and everything near it is not particularly valuable or important to stay perfect, as splashing or splashing may occur. For example, you do not want to work near a computer.

Remove your old nail polish. Use nail polish remover and cotton balls or swabs. Some types of solvents can dry out the areas around your nails. You may want to find one that does not do so much, but do not worry unless you have a severe allergic reaction.
Cut and file your nails. Use a nail clippers and cut your nails. Do not cut it too short. You should be able to see at least a little of the white tip again. Use a nail file, file the nail and create a smooth, clean shape. Gently push the file over the nail instead of pushing it. Excessive force or forward sawing weakens the nails and leads to breakage. Rotate the hand with the file in each stroke to create a smooth curve instead of angles. Do not file them too much: Clean the spots or corners and edges left by the clippers.
Buff your nails. Lightly polish the surface of the nail with a white, pin-like nail block or a pad-like nail pad and polishing powder to smooth the surface and smooth the ribs. Remember not to stamp too much. When you lose weight, it gets weaker. Perfect flatness from one edge to another is neither practical nor necessary. A soft, flexible pad facilitates polishing the nail sides and the middle.

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