40 Stylish Easy Nail Polish Art Designs for This Summer for 2019

Ladies, nails are an extension of what you wear, and cool nail art still attracts a lot of attention and compliments. Also, who does not like to add a glamorous dose to his fingernails? If you’re tired of your classic, monotonous nail color and want to try something fun and offbeat, read on and find the perfect nail art pattern for your mood. You can create these patterns in a few steps. So let’s start!

Everything in this nail art design is so fresh and young. The color combination is superb and can be obtained as a perfect summer look for nails. You can also use a different nail color scheme if you want a different look.

Do not these nails look pretty? The combination of pink and white is lovely and gives the impression that you have a spring on your nails. It’s a simple yet elegant design that can be restored in a few steps. You can wear it to lighten these gloomy days or even sunny summer days.

You can also change this look by creating flowers on the entire nail, not just on one side. You can also use other bright colors on your white base.

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