40 New Season Different Garden Designs and Ideas for 2019

The Society of Garden Designers is the only professional association of garden designers in the UK. To learn about upcoming garden trends for next year, SGD asks some of its top designers, including Sue Townsend, Joe Perkins, Darren Hawkes, Barbara Samitier, Louise Harrison-Holland and Jon Sims, what they plan to do in our gardens in 2019.

Horticulture in the face of climate change is expected to become an important trend in 2019. Sue Townsend creates green gardens to cope with the extreme weather conditions in the UK. It recommends the cultivation of good plants according to the conditions of each garden. They store water and collect excess water to drain it off the ground.

Joe Perkins often designs drought-resistant planting systems and has found that his customers are less likely to pamper plants with advanced irrigation systems when it’s greener to integrate plants that can do this to fight for themselves

Sculptural plants will dominate in 2019. Joe Perkins comments: “The constant popularity of houseplants is reflected externally in exotic plants with architectural leaves and stems that make bold statements both inside and out.

Perkins also predicts that there will be more hanging plants in our gardens: not traditional hanging baskets, but plants with foliage, color and texture that are used as interesting additions to pots and planters.

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