Cool living room end tables for your beautiful Living rooms

Welcome to our gallery which presents a collection of beautiful living rooms that all have at least one coffee table.

It doesn’t matter if a living room is informal or formal, with or without a fireplace, every living room needs a place to lay something. The tables help to meet this need, but you can only access it from one part of the room and the buildings quickly become crowded.

To prevent the room from being cluttered, the designers place the tables in key positions in the room. Usually you will find a small table next to a sofa, with a second table next to an armchair across the room. These are great places to put a drink (with a coaster of course) if you are having fun in an informal space or to add a lamp to illuminate the room at night.

The final tables also act as a memory. The bedroom above has an oak coffee table with a glass drawer and a lower wardrobe. These are great places to store books, magazines or electronics and a convenient way to hide clutter by keeping your favorite things nearby.

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