39 Best Eyeliner Images! Make Applying Eyeliner So Much Easier 2019

When I explain the art of making an eyeliner, I compare it to a relationship. Listen to me: Both require a lot of patience and stamina to succeed, and can sometimes be very frustrating. But as soon as you have invested the necessary time and effort, the end result is worthwhile. When it comes to relationships and eyeliner, it is helpful to seek expert advice throughout the process. But as we talk about food here, use this free tip from makeup artist Patrick Ta, who looks after the faces of Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell (and many others!) To promote you as a pro.

The Fix: Ta always recommends that you keep an eyeliner sharpener in the cosmetic bag to make sure the liner is placed exactly where and how you want. The goal with the eyeliner is precision. If you try to align your eye with a flat tip, you will not get a smooth, even application.

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