37+ Cool small bathroom designs ideas for Your Home

With the housing trend for small houses and minimalist designs, small bathrooms also prevail. Since bathroom requirements remain the same and space is reduced, bathroom designs need to be more ingenious and efficient. Here are some creative and amazing little ideas and bathroom designs that you can steal!

Clean, elegant and efficient. This no-frills design looks good without complications or excessive decorations. Its modern minimalist features include clean lines, neutral colors and bare walls. The huge light box in the ceiling of the shower offers sufficient lighting, while the glass partition with black frame separates the wet part from the dry section.

To help you, we’ve researched our upstairs and downstairs home tours and we’ve put together some of the smartest bathroom ideas we’ve come up with. From floating shelves to mosaic tiles, here are 50 ways to maximize even the smallest bathroom spaces without sacrificing an inch of style.

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