Newest and Colorful Eyeshadow Design Ideas and Images

Do you know how to makeup your eyes like a pro? Never fear, eyeshadow need not be difficult. We found the best of the best eyesahdow tutorials around, perfect for the non expert makeup girl or teen. Eyes are one of the trickiest parts when we do our everyday or special occasion looks, especially when we are a novice at everything makeup. But truth is, we can always rock an eye makeup look without having to go to the salon. Meaning, we do it ourselves! With the right tools, with the right make-up and when you know what style looks perfect for your eyes, then you are all set to look gorge! But! If you are a total novice at this, don’t worry, you’re at good hands. We made a list of the easiest eye makeup and the chic-iest shadows for all types, colors and shapes of eyes. Whether for everyday look, or for the special moments in your life — here are eye shadow makeup tutorials for your every-occasion-needs. Complete with easy to follow step by step tutorials, these will have your eyes looking beyond amazing in minutes.

One of the most popular eye shadow designs is the common Smokey eyes. Smokey eye designs are usually in black and brown, though you can do them in any color you wish. The main concept of the smoky eye is to choose a medium and dark shade of a specific color then choose a highlight shade closest to your skin tone.

Yes, a lot of these inspiration pics are created by seriously talented makeup artists, but you don’t need advanced techniques to create most of these looks thanks to all the step-by-step Halloween makeup tutorials that you can use to throw something together with products that you already have in your medicine cabinet.

In the age of Instagram, it’s easy to get intimidated and overwhelmed at the prospect of creating your own eye makeup look. It seems like every tutorial we see involves complicated blending, impeccable cat eyeliner, or fussy cut creases. While these looks are beautiful and inspiring in their own right, we usually want to take inspiration from something simpler. After all, we don’t know what you’re weekday mornings are like, but ours are too rushed to sit in front of the mirror perfecting our eye makeup for 15 minutes.

In fact, we’re lucky if we have 15 minutes to get ready in total. (Maybe it’s just us, but coffee always comes first.)

But just because an eye makeup look is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We still crave color. That’s why we combed Instagram for eye makeup looks that don’t fit the norm—the looks that are easier to replicate yet just as impactful as their more complicated counterparts.

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