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Beehive Blanket Crochet Pattern

Beehive’s stroller blanket is quite a project – not too ambitious, but enough to keep you busy. And the Beehive Baby blanket is a great pattern – a little bit of detail between easy knitting and a few color changes and contrasts to make it interesting. Basic stitches create a honeycomb pattern on the fabric. I figured the bubbles would create an interesting texture and could represent bees crawling on a honeycomb.

Hope you enjoy knitting it.

The blanket is worked in garter stitch and stocking stitch.

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Log Cabin Spectrum Blanket Crochet Pattern

Log house design borrowed from the world of quilting, history of colors taken from nature and our latest yarn, wool wool, straight from sheep … Our Spectrum log blanket is the best blanket of all worlds that is colorful, soft, cuddly and absolutely beautiful!

The great family of colors comes from the unique Woolly Wool palette, a world of hazy tones that bring to mind a landscape on the verge of bloom!

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Winterland Three Stitch Blanket Crochet Pattern

You can see the free pattern in full by clicking the link here at Ravelry and scrolling down!

Thick yarn and simple textures make this winter bedspread both cool and beautiful! By using three stitch patterns to create lofty textures and interesting stripes, you’ll find this blanket captivating and yet easy to make. Underestimated and timeless, it will certainly be appreciated in any space, both modern and traditional. Easy enough for beginners and those just starting to knit, but fun for everyone!

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Bright Stripy Blanket Crochet Pattern

A cosy and soft crochet blanket with stripes of varying thickness, including quite wide blocks of colour.
It is a purposely large baby blanket as it can still be used well into toddler-hood. Why make a beautiful ‘handkerchief’ which will be discarded in a matter of months?
Dimensions: 38″ W 40″ L
Weight: 544g
This blanket used 7x 100g (with leftovers) Stylecraft Special DK colours. You can replicate these or choose your own palate.
It’s an easy first crochet project for a beginner who has mastered the basic stitches and can accurately crochet in rows: chains, doubles, trebles, half trebles (UK terms)

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Zoe baby blanket Crochet Pattern

This pattern is available for free. If you want to support my work you can do so by providing a Ko-Fi tip or by sharing your work on social media and tagging me (@lillelarsenlux #zoeblanket). Have fun knitting!

The main challenge for the Zoe blanket is to use the right inlay when changing colors for different hearts and keeping the yarn tidy on the back side. Intarsia has the advantage of not only reducing yarn consumption for different colors and keeping the back neat and tidy, but it makes the blanket safe to use even for very young children – so that their fingers do not get stuck in butt loops.

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Square Diamond Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

When I learned how to crochet I was completely new to stitch terminology and names and joined a Facebook crochet group called Crochet Addicted. It was a huge group of people from all over the world who posted such beautiful and inspiring crochet work that they did. I should have told you this could be the rabbit hole too; you can hypnotize the scrolling and rewinding of each post and read hundreds of comments trying to capture how they created them, etc. It’s totally worth it! I learned a lot in the early stages of crocheting. You can also ask any question and get useful information.

Disclaimer: This is not a written pattern. This is just a free chart.

In this group I came across this word C2C Blankets. “Hmm … Strange name for a blanket,” I thought. Then I found out that C2C means “Corner to Corner”. It made sense to me back then, because every time someone posts a photo of a blanket they are creating, it’s almost always a triangle. I also understood most of the people who made these huge blankets, I followed the graph. It was really interesting for me. People even turned photos into charts and crocheted them as gifts.

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Miller Afghan Crochet Pattern

This design is for a beautiful bedspread / Afghan, perfect for a king size bed (50 ”x 70”). This country house style blanket is a great design for work while watching TV and a wonderful home warming gift or wedding gift.
The cheap purchase pattern in my ETSY store comes with a free handmade with love gift tag which includes instructions on how to care for the blanket.
Bernat Baby blanket (size 6 extra coarse yarn)
Lion Speed Hook (19mm)
Hook 10mm (used for edging)
Do not duplicate or sell this design in any way, but you can sell the finished blanket.

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